Shipping and return policies for MEGASHAUN

Shipping Info
Items are shipped via Canada Post. To keep shipping costs low, items are packaged in envelopes that originally contained things sent to me. Recycling!

Goods will be shipped once a week, on Thursdays. Get your orders in before Thursday for a shipment that week.
Return Policy
Please contact me should you wish to return an item. However, you will be responsible for covering the cost to ship any items back. Your purchase price will be refunded minus the cost of shipping upon receipt of the item. Considering the wares on the merch page are really cheap, it probably just makes more sense to keep whatever you buy, even if you don't like it. Maybe it'll be a reminder that you shouldn't make impulse purchases!

But in all seriousness: please think about your purchase before you make it. Returning stuff via the mail is a hassle and I don't know about you, but I dislike hassles. You know what else I dislike? People who don't stop at stop signs. I mean, it says "STOP" right on the sign, in upper case! Why would they just roll on through without bothering to stop? It's rude and dangerous. People could die!

I also don't like it when people litter. I mean, seriously, folks. Just keep your garbage with you until you see a trash can or just take it home with you and then throw it out there. It makes no sense to throw trash out onto a sidewalk when there's a perfectly good place presumably somewhere in Michigan where Ontario's trash ultimately goes.

If you haven't guessed, I'm pretty much an old man. I mean, yesterday there were some kids playing loudly in the empty lot by my balcony and I wanted to yell at them because they had the rules of road hockey all wrong. The goalie wasn't even using a jeans jacket to help smother the ball after a good save. Plus they were wearing matching team jerseys. FOR STREET HOCKEY. Who does that, really?

See? Old!